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  • Brittany Jackson

Alpha Scholarship Recipients Are Giving Thanks

Alpha Boys School Radio caught up with 6 music students who received special awards to pursue their studies...

Thanks to local and international sponsors including The Bob Marley Foundation, V and P Foundation and VP Records, Supernova International Ska Festival and The Duppy Share, deserving students pursuing an Associate Degree in Music Performance at Alpha School of Music (ASOM) and a vocational certificate at the Alpha Vocational Training Centre have valuable support for the 2022-2023 academic year because of their disciplined commitment to their career. Reflecting a variety of musical instruments and musical interests, scholarship recipients are unified in their gratitude and the impact the support is having on their career, their attitude and their dreams.

Johnoi Bryan stated that his favourite aspect of the Alpha School of Music is "the environment and the chemistry between the students and teachers" while Johnathon Gordon said that his favourite aspect is learning about syncopation.

In addition, students shared what they intend to work on for this semester. “My goal for this semester is to improve on the ability of learning more about the drums [and] also strengthen my technique while learning about some new rudiments,” Neon Witter said. Leon Channer said his aim this semester is to enhance his guitar as well as listening and analysis skills.

The students confirm how much an ASOM education will increase their employability. They also shared how grateful they are for the performance and music technology experiences, learning new instruments and being exposed to the fundamentals of music theory and practice.

A scholarship to the Alpha School of Music underwrites tuition and fees. As the only Jamaican tertiary programme with a focus on ensemble performance, ASOM students have the opportunity to learn a diverse cross-section of musical styles in a group performance environment. A Vocational Training Centre scholarship underwrites vocational and academic training, as well as counselling, daily meals, and transportation to and from school.

Alpha is renowned as the "cradle of Jamaican music" as it has played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of some of Jamaica’s most accomplished musicians in ska, rocksteady and Reggae.

A massive thank you to our scholarship donors and congratulations to the scholarship recipients! The future is sounding very bright thanks to you!

ABOUT ALPHA INSTITUTE/Alpha School of music

Alpha's 130-year tradition of music education has produced jazz innovators, ska pioneers and reggae icons. We are excited to offer a meaningful and innovative music training curriculum to youth today. We need your help to make it possible. Thank you!


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