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Meet Private Daniel Christie (AVTC Class of '22)

Private Daniel Christie may have traded his Alpha Vocational Training Centre uniform for camoflauge, but he says he is blessed with some Alpha "magic" as he builds his career in the Jamaica Defence Force.

Alpha trade training

Private Daniel Christie was accepted into the Jamaica Defence Force in 2022 after completing just his first year of the two-year Vocational Training Centre music programme. Although brief, Daniel says his experience at Alpha was impactful on his personal and professional development because the support he received at Alpha went beyond the classroom.

“When I first joined JDF, I received a lot of support and motivation because people recognized me as a past student of Alpha, and they think highly of Alpha and its students. People respect Alpha because of what it has done for music and so many good musicians were born [at Alpha].” - Private Daniel Christie, Trombonist Conductor, CMSOM

The Principal of the Alpha Vocational Training Centre, Ernest Donaldson, says Daniel's brief time at Alpha is "a credit to his hard work, discipline, determination and self-confidence". Fast forward to today and Private Christie is now a Trombonist Conductor and continuing his schooling at the Caribbean Military School of Music (CMSOM). And he still finds time to visit Alpha and stay connected with his mentors and music colleagues.

“My experience at Alpha was good. The teachers made sure I understood the subjects at hand. It was a joint effort. At Alpha, I put in the effort, was always determined and after one year I left with some of Alpha's magic. '[Alpha's motto,] 'Upward and Onward' is always my motto.” - Private Daniel Christie

The sky is the limit for Daniel's career and the Alpha family sends their well wishes as he continues on his music journey.


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