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  • Brittany Jackson

Happy Birthday Mr Foster!

Alpha past student, Winston 'Yellowman' Foster, celebrates 67 years today.

And if yuh have a start, yuh must have a end, But watch Yellowman, come fe rock dem again.” (Zunguzunguzeng / 1983)

Yellowman keeps rocking them, again and again! Today we celebrate 67 years of Wiston Foster OD, aka King Yellowman. Born on January 15, 1956, the original King of Dancehall, Yellowman is an alumnus of the Alpha Boys School and a trailblazer for Jamaican music around the world. He is the first Jamaican deejay signed to a major record label, Columbia Records and has released several songs now considered classics including ‘Zunguzunguzunguzeng’, ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’ and ‘I’m Getting Married in the Morning.’

More than two dozen Yellowman albums flooded the market in the early ’80s. Many are live sets, collections of singles and outtakes, Jamaican-only releases, or team-ups with other DJs. Take a listen to a few here...


Alpha's 130-year tradition of music education has produced jazz innovators, ska pioneers and reggae icons. We are excited to offer a meaningful and innovative music training curriculum to youth today. We need your help to make it possible. Thank you!


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