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  • Brittany Jackson

8 Christmas songs to put you in a merry mood

Enjoy the Alpha Christmas Playlist from Alpha Boys School Radio!

christmas alpha boys school radio

The Alpha Christmas Playlist features a mix of reggae, foundation dancehall, soul and ska music to keep you feeling merry. Of course, every song features past students of Alpha -- Owen Gray, Johnny Osbourne, the Skatalites, Rico Rodriguez, Yellowman and even the Wailers (with an Alpha horn section) who bring the spirit. We are glad to share it with you and yours. Thank you for being a part of our radio community and and we wish you a happy, healthy and music-filled Christmas!

Johnny Osbourne - Christmas Times

King Yellowman - We Wish You A Reggae Christmas

The Wailers - Christmas Is Here

The Skatalites - Snow Boy

David Madden - Christmas A Christmas

Rico Rodriquez - Silent Night Skank

Owen Gray - Christmas Greetings

The Skatalites - Jingle Bells Ska


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