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Jackie Willacey, Past Student and Bandmaster, Has Died

Carlton Seymore Willacey, 94, died in Florida, USA on 02 April 2024.

Funeral Mass Services for Carlton Seymore Willacey (Jackie) will be held on Tuesday, April 9, 2024 at 9AM. These services will be recorded and streamed live. If the event is interrupted at any time due to technical issues, the entire event will be uploaded and available to view later in the day.

He was born in Colon, Panama on 19 January 1930 to Olga (nee Johnson) and David Samuel Montgomery Willacey. He attended and spoke quite fondly of Alpha Boys’ School in and returned later in life to direct their band. He also taught Rudiments at the Jamaica School of Music. Carlton was known by all for his musical abilities, as he played the trumpet in the Jamaican Military Band, of which he was the oldest living member, and the Mapletoft Poulle Orchestra in the LTM National Pantomime.

In America, he took pride in working at Georgia Tech (The Georgia Institute of Technology) from 1995 until he retired in 2005. Carlton was preceded in death by his wife, Rita May Willacey, his siblings, and his grandchild Kirk. He is survived by his children, Allan, Carol, Audley, Charmaine, Astley, Andrew, and Alexis, as well as his remaining 16 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

In lieu of any floral arrangements being sent, the family would greatly appreciate a donation be made in Jackie Willacey’s name to Alpha Institute via Please contact Mr. Chamberlain at for further inquiries.

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