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"A New Journey": Meet Music Technology Coordinator RICARDO DIAZ

The newest Alpha School of Music faculty member, Technology Coordinator Ricardo Diaz, brings a university teaching background and exciting, new Cuban rhythms!

Alpha School of Music

Since January, Alpha regulars may have noticed a new sound on campus. It is probably due to the recent arrival of Ricardo Diaz, the new Alpha Music Technology Coordinator who brings to Alpha over 20 years of experience in the Cuban music industry.

Mr Diaz received a Bachelor of Music with Honours in Sound Engineering from the University of Arts, Havana, and a Diploma in Teaching and Performance from the Esteban Salas Music Conservatory in Santiago de Cuba. He later returned to the University of Arts as a music recording, editing and mixing lecturer while continuing to lead and perform in ensembles and theatrical productions. Alpha is fortunate to have Mr Diaz input on how to develop new ways to expose students to the software and digital tools driving music and entertainment today.

alpha school of music
Ricardo Diaz, Music Technology Coordinator
Alpha is on the right path. Incorporating music technology into an Associate Degree program can significantly enrich the educational experience and can better prepare students for the current job market. It enhances the institution’s overall standing and capabilities in the music education landscape. - Ricardo Diaz

Mr Diaz is also a specialist in Latin and Cuban percussion. While his focus will be on technology classes like Sound Recording Techniques and Technical Ear Training for studio engineers, Mr Diaz will most certainly often be found leading the Cuban Hand Drumming class or on stage singing and playing music from his native Cuba. In fact, Diaz has already made quite an impact with a captivating demonstration of Son Montuno, a foundation Cuban music style. Both Alpha and Mr. Diaz are looking forward to the future.

"I am sure that many moments of satisfaction will arise in this new journey within the Alpha School of Music," he said.

alpha school of music


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