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Road Trip. LET'S GO TO Jamnesia!

Find yourself in a surfers tropical paradise, just 15 minutes east of Kingston. ABSR will provide the perfect soundtrack...

Road Trip! Jamnesia is home to Jamaica’s first and only surf camp. Located just east of Kingston in the community of Bull Bay, Jamnesia is also a home to a vibrant live roots music scene (follow their page Jamnesia Surf Camp so you don’t miss the live stream). At Jamnesia you can rent a surfboard, take a sirf lesson, listen to live music, chill by the beach or just meet interesting people. Jamnesia is an easy-to-get-to escape from the city vibes. To get there, go past the Harbourview roundabout until you reach the bend in the road by Freedom Skatepark and Jamnesia is on the right, after Cable Hut Beach.

Song: “Just What It Is”

Artist: Ernest Ranglin and The Alpharians featuring Edward 'Tan Tan' Thornton

Find it on Amazon | iTunes

Can’t visit Jamaica at the moment? Take Alpha Boys School Radio with you on the road! Make your music passport to the island.


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