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Ska Lives! Alpha goes SUPERNOVA.

Ska lives! 4 days, 36 bands and countless memories later, students and staff are still giving thanks for the support from the Supernova International Ska Festival and ska fans worldwide.

Earlier this month, a music student and staff from the Alpha School of Music were among thousands of ska fans from all over the world who gathered at a gorgeous beachside venue under the late summer sun to celebrate ska, Jamaica’s first pop music form. However, Supernova International Ska Festival, the largest ska festival in the hemisphere - 36 bands from 9 countries over 4 days - was not on the Caribbean island of Jamaica rather than at Fort Monroe, a national park located on the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States just across the bay from the town of Hampton, Virginia. Alpha’s attendance at the festival is part of a multi-year partnership with Supernova and the trip was made possible by Supernova and the Jamaica Nice. clothing brand.

Neon Witter said his Supernova experience was life changing. “Observing live sound production overseas was a transformative experience,” he said. “It also reinforced that live sound production is an essential component of entertainment, responsible for elevating live events to unforgettable experiences.”

Take a look at some of the amazing Ska and Alpha fans we met along the way...

Check out Alpha School of Music Instagram for more photos.

A massive thank you to Tim and April Receveur for inviting Alpha and being such generous and gracious hosts. The vibe was awesome and we felt like a part of the family from the start. To Jump Up Records, so glad to finally meet! Our partnership is a wonderful milestone. To those who signed up for our newsletter we look forward to sharing our love of ska until we meet again! Our doors are always open and hope you can visit Alpha too.

Shout out to Supernova, Alpha Boys School Radio and Jamaica Nice. for making the trip to the USA possible.

Part proceeds from the sale of every Jamaica Nice. top and accessory supports the community. Jamaica Nice. funds music scholarships for tertiary students, workshops and educational experiences for Jamaicans at the high school and college level, teaching residencies for foreign music educators at schools in Jamaica and international exchanges for students and teachers. Click for our latest activities.


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