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  • Brittany Jackson

2023 Supernova International Ska Festival

Got Ska?

Mark your calendars, grab your dancing shoes and get ready for one of the biggest ska festivals ever! The Supernova International Ska Festival, set to take place from September 15 to 17 in Fort Monroe, Virginia is the boldest yet including 38 bands from 10 countries. From traditional ska to ‘Third Wave’ and everything in between, featured acts include: Band Manners, The Pietasters, Fishbone, The Toasters, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, The Aggrolites, and more.

Indeed, not only will the Supernova International Ska Festival offer an unforgettable musical experience, but it also carries a deeper purpose. Recognized by the Grammy Foundation as one of 2023’s Top 10 Indie Festivals, the event is appreciated for its commitment to supporting music education at Alpha, where many ska pioneers got their start. Recently, over the past few years, Supernova has sponsored Alpha student scholarships, distance learning during the pandemic, recording experiences and student internships.

“Ska music is an incredibly important part of Jamaican history and Alpha’s history,” says Margaret Little Wilson, Administrator at the Alpha School of Music. “Thanks to the Supernova family, Alpha students have the opportunity to explore the various branches of ska music and benefit from unique opportunities to showcase their ska repertoire.”

Co-founder and executive director Tim Receveur said the opportunity to work with Alpha is important. “We are so proud that we can help increase access to the best music education for at-risk youth in Jamaica. The Supernova community has embraced Alpha from the start and we are excited to continue to work with the Alpha Institute to strengthen ska music education and experiences for Alpha students.”

Be a part of the movement. Don’t miss this year’s Supernova International Ska Festival!


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