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rockers movie

"Rockers" (1978) captures the reggae scene of Jamaica at the time. The film stars Alpha music graduates Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace and Richard 'Dirty Harry' Hall. Both play themselves as talented but struggling musicians. When faced with exploitation by a corrupt businessman, Horsemouth recruits his musician friends to help him turn the tables on the unsuspecting villain.


Rockers features a who's who of contemporary Jamaican musicians playing fictionalized versions of themselves. In addition to Horsemouth and Dirty Harry, the film features Gregory Issacs, Jacob Miller, producer Jack Ruby and Burning Spear, to name just a few. Alpha boys Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis and Leroy Smart as well as Big Youth, Kiddus I and many more who lend their unique sound to an epic movie soundtrack. 

the intro

The Abyssinians performing the hymn "Satta Massagana" in the opening scene of Rockers.

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The record shop

Horsemouth pulls up to Idlers' Rest outside Randy's Records in North Parade. The clip offers a special snapshot of the record shop in 1977, including longtime manager Carl, dancer/drummer Bongo Herman and the energy that follows rockers reggae music wherever it goes.

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jamaica nice shirt
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