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Born on December 22, 1969, Albert Hird is a talented musician who fulfilled a lifelong ambition to become the director of music for the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF). His passion and talent for music started in the 80s at the Alpha Boys School where he was exposed to various Jamaican music, instruments, and musical ensembles. He later joined the JDF military band and got a scholarship at the Royal Military School of Music in London to study clarinet. Hird's love of music prompted him to pursue conducting at Kingston University, where he earned his diploma and Bachelor of Music. He served as Bandmaster for the Jamaica Military Bands and Acting Director of Music for the JDF. Now, he is Warrant Officer 1 (WO1) and serves as Deputy Chief Instructor and bandmaster at the Caribbean Military School of Music. Hird has also worked with various organizations, including the Philharmonic Orchestra, Jamaica National Choral, Jamaica Orchestra for Youth, National Dance Theatre Company, Jamaica Musical Theatre and St Andrew and St Jude's singers.

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