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First year bass student is making the most of all Alpha has to offer.

Alpha School of Music student Michael Jones

Born in Antigua, raised in Barbados and residing in Jamaica since 2015, Michael Jones is no stranger to soaking up different cultures. Now a Pre Qualifying Year 1 student (PQ 1) at the Alpha School of Music, Jones is looking forward to learning even more. Michael has a passion for music, says Alpha Bandmaster, Gay Magnus. "Michael's interest in music was evident from the first day,” she says. “He is a sponge for anything music.”

"Since September, my time at Alpha has been awesome. I enjoy interactive classes with instructors that make sure that no one is left behind and everyone is comfortable asking questions." - Michael Jones

Jones started his music journey while at Jamaica College and started playing the drums at church with Clayon Samuels, Alpha’s Senior Music Instructor. From Mr Samuels he learned about the performance and technology opportunities Alpha offers. Playing alongside Mr Samuels instilled in Jones the confidence that music could be more than just a hobby and he applied to the Alpha School of Music last year.

Although proficient on drums, Jones auditioned on the bass guitar. He says Polyphia, an instrumental progressive rock band based in Plano, Texas is his favourite band and Polyphia bassist, Clay Gober, inspired him to start playing the bass. He was accepted of course and the bass is now his primary instrument. Jones is making the most of the Alpha experience, says Bandmaster Magnus. “Jones is diligent and consistent with all his courses, and promises to be a very fine bass player," said Magnus. 

Congratulations Michael on your progress and we are looking forward to hearing more!

Alpha School of Music

alpha school of music

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