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  • Marcelle Smith Partners With The Alpha School of Music To Keep the Music Playing

The Alpha Community Band performs Thursday, December 14th at the annual Christmas Festival hosted by the Alpha School of Music. The event begins at 6pm and there is no charge to enter.

Alpha community band caribshopper

The Alpha School of Music is grateful to for its support of the Alpha Community Band seventh season which concludes on Dec 14th at the annual Alpha Christmas Festival. The partnership between Alpha and reflects their shared commitment to supporting arts education and performance. For the 20+ musicians in the Alpha Community Band, this means sharing the joy of music with the Alpha community through practice and public performances. At, the largest online marketplace for authentic Caribbean-made products, growing local communities' quality of life is key to its mission of supporting local economies through content, community, and commerce.

Since its first season in January 2022, the Alpha Community Band has been strengthening brass and woodwind musicianship and providing an outlet to beginner, intermediate and advanced level musicians. Historically, wind and brass instruments have been integral to Jamaican popular music. However, since the 1980s, Jamaica has lost many wind and brass specialists to migration. The Alpha Community Band relies on community support to provide specialized training and performance opportunities to wind and brass musicians that otherwise would not be available.

CEO of, Kadion Preston, says his company’s partnership with Alpha speaks strongly to Caribshopper's values. “Music is something that unites us regardless of where we are from, and it's particularly important in the Caribbean and in Jamaica,” Preston said. “Caribshopper is very glad to be able to support the musicians who come out every week to be a part of the Alpha Community Band. We share your love of music, and we share the commitment of the Alpha School of Music to make sure music and music education is accessible at every level,” he continued.

Thanks to, Alpha is able to fulfill its mission to foster supportive social and professional networks among musicians and host quality live music performances across genres for the wider Kingston community in 2023.

Alpha Community Band Caribshopper

Leon Ince, Brass Instructor at Alpha School of Music and Co-Director of the Alpha Community Band, says being a part of the Alpha Community Band is having a measurable impact on band members as musicians and as individuals. “Being able to perform different styles of music, especially music that is not native [to Jamaica], is a challenge by itself,” Ince highlighted. “It shows growth and development because it allows them to really challenge their individual playing and performing. I am pleased with their progress, and it will only continue to improve as time progresses.”

alpha community band

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Jamaica Nice. is a proud support of Alpha Boys School Radio and the Alpha School of Music. Part proceeds from the sale of every Jamaica Nice. top and accessory supports the community. Jamaica Nice. funds music scholarships for tertiary students, workshops and educational experiences for Jamaicans at the high school and college level, teaching residencies for foreign music educators at schools in Jamaica and international exchanges for students and teachers. Click for our latest activities.


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