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Playlist. 10 ska songs you should know

10 classic tracks featuring Alpha past students.

We had such a good time at Supernova International Ska Festival we were inspired to create an Alpha playlist of 10 music milestones in Alpha's ska history, and present!

An original from the original ska band featuring Alpha past students Don Drummond (trombone), Lester Sterling (alto sax), Tommy McCook (tenor sax) and Johnny Dizzy Moore (trumpet).

Recorded in 2018, Just What It Is brings together Alpharians like keyboardist Ervin 'Allah' Lloyd of Chalice Band and drummer Sparrow Martin (Alpha's long time bandmaster) with octogenerians (at the time) Ernest Ranglin and Tan Tan.

Trombonist Rico Rodriguez, who appears in the video at :48, reinvented himself as a British ska specialist after leaving Jamaica and this song put him and the Specials on the map.

A classic. Sister Ignatius' favourite song written by Don Drummond.

When Bob Marley recorded his first song he reached out to Alpha saxophonist Deadly Headley Bennett to be part of the recording.

Prince Buster's early rock steady hit backed by Buster's All Stars including Karl Bryan on sax, Rico on trombone, captured the transition from ska and a new generation of ska musicians

Playing for The Dragonnaires was a familiar and important stop for many Alpha past students who earned performance and touring experience with one of the busiest acts in the Caribbean.

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