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The Alpha Boys School Radio family sends its condolences to the family and friends and fans of Denver 'Feluke' Smith who passed away September 5, 2021.

Feluke attended Alpha Boys School where he developed his talents in dance and music in order to prepare for a career in the arts and entertainment. After leaving Alpha he spent time as a principal performer/creator and learning the trade with The Ashe Company.

Music was Feluke’s passion and his gift. He toured with Jimmy Cliff and Kymani Marley and he was leading Jah Cure’s creative team before stepping out on his own solo career. Admired for his creative talents as much as for his personal qualities, Feluke’s determination, family vibe and community-building skills made him a leader who stood out, even in a large community of standout people and performers.

use the links below to listen to feluke's music online



Alpha's130-year tradition of music education has produced jazz innovators, ska pioneers and reggae icons. We are excited to offer a meaningful and innovative music training curriculum to youth today. We need your help to make it possible. Thank you for your support!

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