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Alpha Roll Call: The Marley Files

A selection of ska and reggae recorded by Bob Marley, The Wailers and Bob Marley & The Wailers that features Alpha past students.

bob marley

We celebrate The Honourable Robert Nesta Bob Marley on his birthday, February 6, with a look at his music and the contributions of Alpha Boys School past students. We trace the connection from the very beginning of Bob Marley's career when he recorded 'Judge Not' for the Beverly's label in 1962 up until his 10th album, Kaya, released in 1978.

bob marley

Judge Not, Bob Marley's first recording, features Alpha graduate Felix 'Deadley Headley' Bennett on saxophone.

Simmer Down was originally recorded with the Skatalites including Alpha grads Don Drummond, Tommy McCook, Lester Sterling and Johnny Dizzy Moore.

A breakthrough album, Exodus is considered the album that propelled Bob Marley to international stardom and it includes an all-Alpha horn section: David Madden (trumpet), Vin Gordon (trombone), Glen Dacosta (saxophone).

Recorded at the same time as Exodus, Kaya also features Dacosta, Madden and Gordon.

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